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A P and Everyday Use Analysis and Comparison Essay

A P and Everyday Use Analysis and Comparison In a modern society where good deeds and integrity are taken for granted, it is necessary for people to stand up for what is right. The short story â€Å"A P†, written by John Updike, tells the story of Sammy and how he takes a stand for what he believes is right, only he is not given the gratitude he deserved. â€Å"Everyday Use†, written by Alice Walker, is another short story that shows how substantial it is to stand firm for one’s convictions and beliefs, especially in familial matters. Mama, the protagonist in â€Å"Everyday Use†, must make the decision of protecting her self-conscious daughter Maggie, or giving in to Dee, her other egocentric daughter who has forgotten the traditional values of†¦show more content†¦Infrequency rather than frequency triggers the events that occur in the AP grocery store. The sexually appealing nature of the girls provokes Sammy’s carnal appetite and engenders rebellious feelings towards conformity as well. This allows him to realize that his life has been tailored to that of the mundane lives of the other AP employees and customers. However, this epiphany leads Sammy to act impulsively when the girls are being admonished for their revealing attire by Lengel. Lengel, the conventional and austere store manager, further embodies the conformity that surrounds Sammy as Lengel reprimands the girls for wearing bathing suits in a grocery store. As Sammy sees his manager embarrassing the girls, Sammy has the choice of being a â€Å"sheep† or breaking out of the conformed structure of the AP store, such as the girls has done. Sammy is refreshed by the uniqueness the girls bring, and he also wants to be part of that. This shows that he wants to protect what the girls and what they represent, which is contrast to conformity. Sammy ultimately decides to defend the girls’ honor by quitting his job, and thus makes the statement of not being a â€Å"sheep† that is mindlessl y led by society. Although this decision was driven partly by carnal feelings, it was primarily out of impulse and curiosity of what lies beyond the restricted borders of normalcy in the AP grocery store. Even though Sammy quit his job for the girls,Show MoreRelatedThe Language Arts Program1379 Words   |  6 Pagesscores from Western Australian Verbal Fluency Test (WAVFT). Describe the possible confound(s) in this experimental design. There are two major possible confounds in this experimental design. Firstly, the social environments could be changed; the comparison from this experimental design is to compare the WAVFT scores between 1980 and previous year. During this period, the difference in the mean score could be resulted by the development of the technology, or the changed school environments. SecondlyRead MoreAP and Everyday Use Comparison Essay example1680 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"A P† and â€Å"Everyday Use† Analysis and Comparison In a modern society where good deeds and integrity are taken for granted, it is necessary for people to stand up for what is right. The short story â€Å"A P†, written by John Updike, tells the story of Sammy and how he takes a stand for what he believes is right, only he is not given the gratitude he deserved. â€Å"Everyday Use†, written by Alice Walker, is another short story that shows how substantial it is to stand firm for one’s convictions andRead MoreSpeech Is Not The Same Thing Essay768 Words   |  4 Pageshow an individual uses language to communicate. Thus, speech is dependent on what a person says, so â€Å"there’ll be individual and social variation† (p.37). In comparison, Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure developed a model to explain language as a system consisting of signs and symbols and the order in which these are placed is what â€Å"ties them together† (Agar 1994, p. 37). It has come to be known as Saussurian systems, which may seem abstract but can be found in our everyday interactions. AccordingRead MoreNutrition : Correlation Between The Percentage Of Salt1138 Words   |  5 Pages.....................................p.3 o Hypothesis .....................................................................................p.3 o Aim.....................................................................................................p.3 o Nutrition Labels...........................................................................p.4 - Collected data o Food that contain salt................................................................p.5 †¢ High-salted food †¢ Food that can beRead MoreNutrition : Correlation Between The Percentage Of Salt1113 Words   |  5 Pages.....................................p.3 o Hypothesis .....................................................................................p.3 o Aim.....................................................................................................p.3 o Nutrition Labels...........................................................................p.4 - Collected data o Food that contain salt................................................................p.5 †¢ High- salt food †¢ Food that can beRead MoreWal Mart Stores, Inc. Analysis1124 Words   |  5 PagesInc. Analysis of Annual Report In 1962, Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart in Rogers, Arkansas. Little did Walton know that a few years later, his company would be transformed into Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Wal-Mart officially became a publicly traded company in 1970, selling their first stock at $16.50 per share (Our History, 2016). In today’s society, Wal-Mart serves many different uses across the globe. However, their consumers are typically Americans. It is the one-stop shop for the everyday AmericanRead MoreWhat is Sociology?1169 Words   |  5 Pages . Introduction Sociology is described by Layder (2006, p.1) as being â€Å"How the encounters of everyday life and individual behaviour influence, and are influenced by, the wider social environment in which we live† Bauman May (2001. p.1) describe a visual image of the output of sociology, as being a â€Å"collection of books in a library†. The discussion within this collection broadly follows main concepts and perspectives, with many authors, but also of key peer tested Authors. I will initiallyRead MoreTerms Comparison Paper Hcs 552839 Words   |  4 PagesTerms Comparison Paper HCS/552 February 4, 2013 John J. Schibler Terms Comparison Paper Health care economics involves making plenty of choices. Individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations choose how to use resources . Economics and health care are linked, because health care professionals apply economics in their everyday professional activities. They are able to do this through resource allocation. Any health care organization has to plan out how they will use theirRead MoreUse Of 360 Degree Feedback Performance Evaluation Essay1218 Words   |  5 PagesUse of 360-Degree Feedback 360-degree feedback has in the past, been mostly used for personal development; however it is increasingly being used towards other goals in performance evaluation. 360-degree feedback is used most effectively when a performance evaluation and separate development assessment are completed (Maylett, 2009, p. 58). This helps keep personal and professional goals separate and allows the supervisor and employee to focus on specific strengths and weaknesses. The use of 360-degreeRead MoreThe Limitations Of Language : Male Participants, Stoicism, And Qualitative Research Essay950 Words   |  4 PagesHealth, 7(2), 155-162, DOI: 10.1177/1557988312464038 Allmark, P., Boote, J., Chambers, E., Clarke, A., Mcdonnell, A., Thompson, A., R., and Tod, A., 2009. Ethical issues in the use of in-depth interviews: literature review and discussion, Research Ethics Review, 5(2), 48-54 Babbie, E. (1992). The Practice of Social Research, New York, Macmillan found on Hsieh, F. H., and Shannon, E., S. 2005. Three Approaches to Qualitative Content Analysis, Qualitative Health Research, 15(9), 1277-1288 Bamidele, A

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Government and Market Failure Essay - 1687 Words

In micro-economics market failure is characterized by resource misallocation and subsequent Pareto inefficiency. Just as the invisible hand falters, so is the case that the unregulated markets are incapable of solving all economic problems. In laissez-faire economy, market models mainly monopolistic, perfect competition and oligopoly are expected to efficiently allocate resources for the â€Å"welfare benefit† of the society. However individualistic and selfish private interests divert the public benefits thereby prompting government intervention to correct the imperfection which may lead to disastrous economic impact. Although corrective intervention policies by government may not necessarily address the underlying imperfection induced by†¦show more content†¦Competition failure or monopoly may result from natural monopoly where it costs incurred in production becomes lower when only one firm is involved in production than several firms producing the same output. In a monopolist market under-production, higher prices become dominant contributing to market inefficiency. Winston cites cases of misuse of monopoly power can lead to market failures and sometimes may lead to acute shortage of essential commodities (130). Coordination failures by private markets are perceived to contribute significantly in inefficiency. Negative externalities like environmental pollution and positive externalities like focusing on public benefits and ignoring the private benefits significantly contribute to market failures. Fundamental questions have been raised to determine the appropriate time government intervention is required and the magnitude of inefficiency to warrant supposedly intervention or to let the market correct itself. Stiglitz, argued that inefficient government microeconomic policies to address the market gap often tends to exacerbate the existing problem or yield unproductive results in the economy (34). Market failure Correction The principal of Pareto efficiency dictates that market failure is a product of making other individuals worse than they were found. ToShow MoreRelatedGovernment Failure And Market Failure2000 Words   |  8 PagesGovernment failure and Market Failure Introduction Regulations imposed by the government in any economy determine the market efficiency and growth. Policies and laws governing the flow of goods and out flow determined the internal trade affairs. When the government formulates policies and regulations, which is the market conducive, efficiency is enhanced. In such instances, the outcomes of the market yields can be predicted. Such ability of the policies and regulations to enhance efficiency inRead MoreReasons for Market Failure and the Roles of Government1881 Words   |  8 PagesReasons for Market Failure and the Roles of Government To Improve the Market Outcomes What is market efficiency? Market efficiency is defined as all participants in a market can get the maximum benefits and used the minimum cost and effect to transact (, 2011). Besides that, the definition of market efficiency is covered by the market and investor group. In other words, efficiency refers to the productivity or the size of the economics pie. If the size of economicsRead MoreEssay about Market Failures: Government Intervention652 Words   |  3 Pagesbasis for the contention that governments should intervene to correct market failures? (Be sure to explain what market failures are and why they are significant without providing superficial, rote definitions.) Contrast this with the argument that laissez faire is preferable to intervention. (If possible, link this to the idea of government failure, the iron law of public policy, rent seeking, and unintended consequences.) Imagine a grading rubric in which failure is considered everything exceptRead MoreMarket and Government Failures in Reducing College Cost 1311 Words   |  6 Pagestuition costs remains. Another failure that allowed colleges to raise tuition is due to the major cuts from states leaving the colleges to support themselves. The state found other concerns as priority and to invest in according to the New York Times article, Obama Vows Action on College. When the state or federal government no longer advances in aiding colleges and universities where does that leave our country for the future? President Obama stated that the government would not continue to investRead MoreGovernment Intervention Lies Conviction Of The Existance Of Market Failure1177 Words   |  5 Pagesof the theory justifying the need for government intervention lies conviction of the existance of market failure, defects that make certain market situation, which by its nature is to aim to maximise satisfaction / utility and optimally allocate resources, it stops - in the sense of optimum Pareto- function properly (Francis M. Bator, 1958) . In other words, the market reduces the utility and waste resources. It must therefore step a mediator- usually government or legislative body- which will correctRead MoreThe Use of Cars Causes Market Failure. to Achieve an Efficient Use of Resources It Would Be Better If Governments Intervened to Affect Both the Production and the Use of Cars. Explain the Meaning of the Terms ‘Market923 Words   |  4 PagesThe use of cars causes market failure. To achieve an efficient use of resources it would be better if governments intervened to affect both the production and the use of cars. Explain the meaning of the terms ‘market failure’ and ‘the efficient use of resources’ and analyse whether economic theory can be used to support this argument. [25] Market failure exists when the operation of a market does not lead to economic efficiency. It is a situation where a free market does not produce the bestRead MoreMarket Failure And The Implications For Public Policy1653 Words   |  7 Pagesthe concept of Market Failure and the implications for Public Policy, the correlation, between the two is directly related to government intervention on market efficiency. Market Failure is discussed in the context of Pareto efficiency in the Free Market. Certain conditions must be met or Market Failures are inevitable and the government must intervene to correct the market. The first fundamental theorem of welfare economics asserts that under certain conditions which makes markets not Pareto efficientRead MoreMartket Failure Policy Essay920 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscuss market failures as one justification for government intervention in market relations. Define market failures and at least three distinct types of market failures. Provide thr ee concrete, specific examples of market failures and discuss policy instruments that might be proposed to address each market failure. What are the potential problems or challenges associated with each instrument that might make its use difficult? It has been long believed by many theorists that pure free market economyRead MoreEco/365651 Words   |  3 PagesWhat is an externality? Provide at least three examples. How does one of the examples you provided affect the market outcome? What is the role of government in addressing the implications of an externality you provided as an example? Is it possible that a government’s solution to a market failure would worsen the failure? Explain your answer. Externality is defined as an effect of a decision on a third party not taken into account by the decision maker. There are two types of externalities beingRead MoreMarket Analysis : Market Failure1728 Words   |  7 PagesMarket Failure Markets are the institutions where the exchange of goods and services among individuals collective agents occurs. The exchange of these goods and services utilizes money as the medium through which equivalence of worth and value is given to the goods and services (Keech and Munger 4). This leads to the formation of prices given for the goods and services. Additionally, markets may be categorized in accordance with the commodities and services traded in them where these categories entail

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How Social Media has a bad effect on Society Free Essays

As we approach 2014 social media has been very advantageous communicating tool for people of all ages to use. However behind closed doors social media is strangling the life out of the younger generation. Now of course I do not mean this literally, and in many ways sites like Facebook and Twitter promote to teenagers about making friends and widening their friend circles which is excellent-in theory. We will write a custom essay sample on How Social Media has a bad effect on Society or any similar topic only for you Order Now This has in my opinion got out of hand and scientists have been able to come up new psychological evidence that shows that teenagers have increased aggression in their moods and lack of empathy which increases the possibility of schizophrenia and depression. Most teenagers I talk to say that they can’t imagine a world without social media and an astounding 96% of people have at one point signed up to one of these sites. The newly discovered FoMo syndrome has come hand in hand with the social media craze, which is the Fear of Missing out. This syndrome means that people are glued onto their social media sites constantly refreshing the pages because they are so afraid of missing out on something important or interesting. Arguably the biggest problem with Social Media is Cyberbullying. This is not your average school bullying in the sense it can be controlled by people, on social networking sites bullies don’t get told off by anyone or restricted by anyone and can continue as they see fit. Another difficulty with online bullying is that the attacker can hide behind their computer and are shadowed by this. A lot of people would not have the courage to say things in person to one another but on Facebook people seem to be more outgoing and some completely have a change of personality and become a lot more confident. Ask. fm over the last year has been linked to 9 cyberbullying evoked suicides and has been the centre of many petitions about the site being taken down. On this site people can anonymously ask questions to the user for them to be answered and posted, which seems innocent and funny. Disgusting, vile teenagers have been abusing users on Ask. fm anonymously though and this is what has driven 9 people to take their own lives. Personally I believe that this site should be taken down immediately and save users from the torment of faceless bullies. ‘Sexting’ is another online craze at the moment throughout Social Networking. This is when two people engage in a sexually explicit conversation or send sexually explicit photos via Facebook or a new phenomenon Snapchat. Immature teens do not know the risks of this however and do not realise that as a result of their actions a message or photo could fall into the wrong hands and could jeopardise the reputation or perhaps the future of the individual. Stalkers and predators are known to be highly common on Social Networking sites as it is an easy way to search and track anybody in the world. To add to all these valid points comes possibly one of the most appreciated of all which is time; Social Networking for me and for millions of teenagers all over the world one of the biggest time wasters in modern day society. For example whilst revising for a test I will dedicate the night before to learn, whilst in absolute concentration though a ‘PING’ will sound from my phone resting nest to me and I unavoidably check to see what it was. Half an hour later I think to myself ‘Oh My God, I’ve wasted the whole of prep. ’ Events like these happen daily. On the other hand along with all this negativity social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter show that people are brought together and that these sites are there for old friends to reunite and catch-up via private message. In conclusion, Social Networking sites are meant for all kinds of social behaviour essentially but in my opinion it has definitely become out of hand and I can only see these problems getting worse and worse. How to cite How Social Media has a bad effect on Society, Papers

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Influence of Religion on Asylum Seeking Approach - myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theInfluence of Religion on Asylum Seeking Approach. Answer: The Influence of Religion on Asylum Seeking approach and Subsequent Benefits It has been observed that the increasing number of asylum seekers and their approaches within the context of Europe, Australia, and the USA are being constantly driven by religious beliefs. A number of these people come from some particular religious community, however, their approach to seek asylum might lead them to be influenced by other religions also. Whatever, in both cases, religion plays a pivotal role. The current paper attempts to assess how religion might influence the asylum seeking approach and how the influence might lead to different outcomes. Religion frequently gives an ideological, sociological, and profound background to formulate a particular identity, arrange characteristics, and develop the traits.[1] It offers an unmistakable sacrosanct perspective as well as unceasing gathering enrollment, which cannot be matched by distinguishing proof with whatever other social gatherings are.[2] It has been contended that religious stance and beliefs convey socially constructed attachment, feeling of having a place in the society or community, and bearing for gatherings of people with shared cognizance. The association amongst relocation and religious orientation amid various forms of asylum seeking has been to a great extent disregarded by scholars.[3] It has been contended that convictions help in creating a perspective and that perspective gives a gathering or a person with its own particular method for clarifying the worldly issues.[4] Henceforth, aside from giving spiritually formed elucidation with respect to the importan ce of life through self-reflection, contemplation, and eschatology, religion operates additionally as a wellspring of a gathering of information, which situates people in their everyday world. It has been suggested that in the American scenario, religious confidence and convictions have a more positively identified and integrated part rather than the European context. This is for the most part because of the way that religious orientation is normally more acknowledged in the America rather than in European nations.[5] The only influencing factor, in this case, is that European nations mostly have a more mainstream approach based on secularism. Besides, socially acknowledged establishments and national personalities are considerably engaged with Christian beliefs, which positively does not provide any space for different religious convictions. Thus, assorted religious convictions lead to struggle and prohibition, particularly for the Muslims.[6] Regarding the aspect of asylum seeking, it is demonstrated that religious groups provide a feeling of having a place within the community, support, and safe house, which are particularly fundamental for the asylum seekers in new conditions. As it were, religious beliefs may offer an assurance as in it makes a feeling of having a place and cooperation even with misfortune and the critical scenario of change.[7] The want for belongingness can be considered as essential human needs. Consequently, religion furnishes a socially identified gathering with solidarity and social unification.[8] Besides, there are also some claims which suggest that religion is able to provide respectability inside the social spheres, which is identified with the socially constructed reputation which is associated with the aspect of being a dedicated and religious individual in the nations which provide asylum. The beneficial assets provided by religious memberships originate from religiously oriented organizations in the form of spiritually bolstered capital or positively engaged social resource, for instance, accepting security, assistance, help, or becoming acquainted with co-adherents, who frequently talk a similar dialect.[9] It has been proposed that such establishments, alongside companions and associates in that, accept the part of invented kinfolk with regards to migrated asylum seeking by making elective interpersonal organizations and by offering importance to the asylum seekers' lives.[10] However, the part played by religion as a foundation to support the asylum seekers in their developed is regularly discarded in the examinations related to global relocation. In this manner, it has been observed that both the approaches of the asylum seekers and the approach of the asylum providing authorities are immensely based on religious orientation and convictions. As the asylum seekers desire to get support from the institutions in the new scenarios, they often adopt new cultural and religious perceptions in order to cope up with different communities. Furthermore, the religious entities and establishments also attempt to provide thorough and comprehensive assistance to the asylum seekers on individual, social, cultural, and spiritual levels. Thus, the subsequent benefits and development of the asylum seekers are guaranteed. However, as only a handful of research works have been focused on this issue, more extensive exploration is needed to develop a more critical understanding regarding this topic. References Akcapar, S.K., 'Conversion as a Migration Strategy in a Transit Country: Iranian Shiites Becoming Christians in Turkey', International Migration Review, vol.40, no.4, 2006, pp.817-853. Foner, N, R Alba, 'Immigrant Religion in the U.S. and Western Europe: Bridge or Barrier to Inclusion?', International Migration Review, vol.42, no.2, 2008, pp.360-392. Hynes, P,The dispersal and social exclusion of asylum seekers, Bristol, Policy Press, 2011. King, P.E., 'Religion and Identity: The Role of Ideological, Social, and Spiritual Contexts,'Applied Developmental Science, vol.7, no.3, 2003, pp.197-204. Ramsey, E, S Ledbetter, 'Studying Religion: Issues in Definition and Method,' in I Markham T Ruparell (ed.), Encountering Religion: An Introduction To The Religions Of The World, Hoboken, Wiley-Blackwell, 2001, pp. 1-17. Terfassa, D, 'The Impact of Migration on Evangelism in Europe,' International Review of Mission, vol.103, no.2, 2014, pp.256-274. Ysseldyk, R, K Matheson, H Anisman, 'Religiosity as Identity: Toward an Understanding of Religion From a Social Identity Perspective, Personality and Social Psychology Review, vol.14, no.1, 2010, pp.60-71.

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Google in Corporate Business World

Google is one of the greatest success stories in corporate online enterprise. The growth of the company from a humble enterprise to a multinational company turning over millions of sterling pounds is a feat that only a committed business-minded collaboration can achieve. The company has established online presence in various areas including search engine, social networking, messaging and service in data centers.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Google in Corporate Business World specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This presentation has analyzed both the company’s business and leadership strategies in the light of other approaches that could have been used to warrant such tremendous success. It has been well established that the transformational leadership style that was embraced is best suited for the kind of business that Google is involved in. This strategy should therefore be maintained even in the wake of the paradigm shift facing the company. An internal review has been conducted for the company and this generally revealed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the company have been critically highlighted. It has been realized that some of the company’s greatest strengths include a well established brand name through the provision of reputable services as well as proper market capitalization. By the company ensuring that the usage of the website accords them interactivity and is easy to use, Google has consistently triumphed over competition. These benefits are spread by word of mouth and this by extension contributes to the growth of the company’s reputation. The weaknesses that have been touched on include the fact that the company has been overly dependent on the search engine for almost all its financial benefits while the rest of the services it invests in yield nothing in return. One of such unprofitable ventures include Youtube which provides r eceives massive daily traffic but does not bring any returns to the company. Another weakness that has been established is the vulnerability of Google to spam attacks. Even though the company invests a lot in ensuring that spam and other related attacks are kept in check, the rapidly occurring changes in information technology see the creators of such malicious content carry the day by coming up with more elaborate versions of spam.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The identified opportunities available to the company include the venture into android software- a factor that has been necessitated by the gradual shift of the internet to mobile devises. However, with such opportunities come even greater threats. The company is now prone to law suits emanating from privacy issues and censorship authorities. Other threats include the rise of competition from other internet giants such as Yahoo and Microsoft. The creators of online libraries are now starting to be more protective of their content and can configure it in such a way that it is not accessible via Google. This has seen users migrate to other ways of conducting data searches gradually ‘stealing’ clients from Google. Aside from this, an external review of the company was also done and it listed some of the factors outside the company that have made Google achieve the immense success it has so far. These include the fact that the company has grown into a strong supplier of online advertising space and has gone ahead to capitalize on this venture to its advantage. The loyalty that the company has attained from its clients has also been regarded as having contributed to its ability to deal with competition. The company’s business model, its strategies and future outlook were also assessed in light of the challenges that the company has to contend with on a day to day basis. The co re competencies of any company always end up reflecting on its overall success. The consistent development of new products and the establishment of a proper human resource framework have immensely increased Google’s innovative and visionary approaches. The company’s culture where all individuals are allowed to present their opinions without discrimination has turned the establishment into a cohesive environment which in turn translates into greater staff output. This report has elaborated on the various features of the strategies adopted by Google using extensive literature drawing from the works of various scholars. It is important to note that this strategy works for the company and should therefore be reinforced by the various other strategies that have been discussed in this report. It would be unwise for the enterprise to completely abandon a working strategy due to the current transformational changes facing the company, for another that has not been tried and te sted for the same market.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Google in Corporate Business World specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In conclusion, it is worth noting that the Google Company has over time come to be a force to reckon with in the corporate business world. As has been noted above, the successes of the enterprise draw from its strong managerial framework and innovative approaches in making the interface user-friendly. With the kind of financial supremacy that the company has at the moment, it is likely that it will continue its unrivaled ascent to success in the foreseeable future and still maintain its position at the top of the search engines’ ranking. This report on Google in Corporate Business World was written and submitted by user Daphne Rush to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Economics Impact For Tourism Tourism Essays

Economics Impact For Tourism Tourism Essays Economics Impact For Tourism Tourism Essay Economics Impact For Tourism Tourism Essay The theoretical survey was conducted to depict the theoretical facets with a focal point on facets of comparing the boundary line town and the tourisms part to the province economic system and the state. For that, the location of the selected instance survey is the Rantau Panjang ( Majlis Daerah Pasir Mas ) , Pengakalan Kubur ( Majlis Daerah Tumpat ) and Bukit Bunga ( Majlis Daerah Tanah Merah ) . Third three boundary line metropoliss such as stated in the National Urbanization Policy ( NUP ) is the focal point of the concern activity for tourers sing the province of Kelantan.Thus, indirectly doing the surveies country as a taking concern touristry location in the province of Kelantan as Padang Besar in Perlis Indera Kayangan and Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah Darul Aman. Furthermore, through theoretical research carried out, the information obtained will be used as a footing for measuring the boundary line town which impact economically executable with the reaching of tourers to the country. The boundary line town will represents of Kelatan to vie with Padang Besar in Perlis and Kedah Bukit Kayu Hitam, all next to Narathiwat state in southern Thailand will be developed with more vivacious intended to advance tourer reachings thereby bettering the economic position of the local people, the province and the state. 2.2 Definition Definition is an of import thing for a thing easy understood by the reader. Thing defined is: 2.2.1 Comparative Refer to Pearson Education Limited ( 2000 ) , comparative agencies comfort freedom etc. that is reasonably good when measured or judged against something else or against what the state of affairs was earlier. For illustration, After a life-time of poorness, his last few old ages were spent in comparative comfort . Other that, Pearson Education Limited ( 2000 ) defined comparative is a survey etc. that involves comparing something to something else that is similar such as The agent prepared a comparative market analyses. Last, the book besides added comparative is person who is non truly a novice etc. but who seems to be one when compared to other people like Even though we ve lived here five old ages, we re still considered comparative fledglings , Pearson Education Limited ( 2000 ) . 2.2.2 Boundary line A boundary line town is a town or metropolis near to the boundary between two states, provinces or parts. Normally the term implies that it is one of the things the town is most celebrated for. Border towns can hold extremely widely distributed communities, a characteristic they portion with port metropoliss. They can besides be flash points for international struggle ( Wikipedia ) . It besides added, in Malaysia, we have eight boundary line towns where one Malaysia to Singapore and other seven are Malaysia to Thailand. Border town for Malaysia to Singapore is between Johore Bharu / Woodlands and for Malaysia to Thailand are Bukit Kayu Hitam ( Kedah ) / Sadoa, Padang Besar ( Perlis ) / Songkhla, Wang Kelian ( Perlis ) / Satun, Pengkalan Hulu ( Perak ) / Betong, Pengkalan Kubor ( Kelantan ) / Tak Bai, Rantau Panjang ( Kelantan ) / Sungai Golok and Bukit Bunga ( Kelantan ) / Buketa. 2.2.3 Town Refer to Yuen ( 1999 ) , in her book Sustainable Cities In the twenty-first Century , metropolis or town is a strategic type of topographic point for development economic globalisation and cardinal topographic point to the multiple circuits. Harmonizing to Mohamad Sulong ( 1985 ) , a metropolis is a mix between topographic points with dwellers. City is besides defined as a whole of natural elements, societal and semisynthetic those are grouped in one the country s most thickly settled. At the same clip the population has a high cultural accomplishments including diverseness of accomplishments but are unable to bring forth sufficient energy such as bring forthing nutrient. Additionally Sulong Mohamad said, the metropolis can besides be considered an unfastened ecosystem that developed urban civilization through the exchange of stuffs and energy. There are two constituents that are the footing for the formation of urban metropolis inhabitants and the urban environment. Obviously it shows that the metropolis is an ecosystem in which it occurs in three interactions, viz. : Feedback continues to go on in the metropolis between the human, cultural and physical environment. Physical or natural environment may act upon the signifier, map and growing of metropoliss and Urbanization involves alterations to the environment ; However, the metropolis exists through a procedure known as urbanisation and urbanisation that contains the followers: Minimal population of 10,000 people ; Colonies and committed country approved ; Minimum gross denseness of population is 50-60 people per hectare ; 60 % of the population aged 15 old ages and above work. Harmonizing Katiman Rostam ( 1988 ) , urbanisation as a procedure of alteration a colony to the metropolis. This procedure of alteration is normally seen in footings of the constituents consist of the size of population, demographic, economic and cultural development which will alter from the countrified nature into the metropolis. Kingsley Davis ( 1972 ) besides stated the township as a procedure of concentration of population life in the part can be considered urban. It is measured by comparing the per centum of population life in metropoliss with life in rural countries. Urbanization is besides a procedure of building and urban growing. This means that any addition in the urban population is a consequence of internal growing, in-migration and the development of urban infinite itself. Population growing and development in an urban infinite coincide for both types of these developments influence and it is besides influenced by the environment. 2.2.4 Tourism The Consice Oxford Dictionary defines touristry as organised touring , yet this definition poses more inquiries than it answers. One of the first serious efforts to specify touristry was by Professor Hunziker and Krapf of Berne University. They defines touristry as the amount of the phenomena and relationship originating from the travel and stay of non-residents in so far as they do non take to lasting abode and are non connected with any earning activity. Another manner to near the construct of touristry is to analyze the separate elements that the word comprises. Tour means to travel or go through ism denotes a aggregation of thoughts and theories. Using this attack, Leiper ( 1990 ) says that touristry is the set of thoughts, the theories or political orientations for being a tourer and it is the behavior of people in tourers functions when the thoughts are put into pattern. Jafari ( 1977 ) viewed touristry from an academic point of view as a field of survey. He defined touristry as the survey of adult male off from his usual home ground of the industry which responds to his demands and of the impacts that both he and the industry have on the hosts socio economic and physical environment. 2.3 Measuring the Economic Impacts of Tourism Alan Collier ( 1989 ) , mensurating the economic impact of touristry is non easy undertaking due to the fact that it is non frequently regarded or recognised as an industry per Se by states for statistical intents. This is because industries are normally categorised or defined in national histories as a group of manufacturers providing or bring forthing a similar merchandise or service. He besides adds, touristry merchandises and services can cut transverse criterion industry definitions. This means that methods of measuring, other than a state s standard industrial categorization, are needed if the touristry industry s true part to a state s economic system is to be recognised. Refer to The World Travel and Tourism Council ( WWTC ) , produces information on the economic significance of universe touristry besides utilizing Tourism Satellite Accounting. The Tourism Account is based on a demand side construct of economic activity. To implement a demand side attack for touristry, the Satellite Account identifies two major constructs: Travel and Tourism Consumption Travel and Tourism Demand These constructs differentiate between the proficient industry impact ( Travel and Tourism Consumption ) and the broader travel and touristry economy impact ( Travel and Tourism Demand ) . Loosely talking, the industry impacts are identifiable as direct impact while the economy impacts can be identified as the amount of both direct and indirect impacts ( The World Travel and Tourism Council ) . The council besides add, from an industry ( ingestion ) position, travel and touristry green goodss merchandises and services which visitants consume. These include: 2.3.1 Consumer Outgo Consumer Expenditure besides know as Personal Travel and Tourism or Personal Consumption Expenditure ) . These include the personal disbursement by occupants ( domestic touristry ) on services that are usually associated with travel and touristry ( adjustment, transit, amusement, repasts, fiscal services, etc. ) every bit good as goods which are purchased by occupants and used for travel and touristry activities. Consumer outgos are normally the largest constituent of the demand side industry. 2.3.2 Business Travel This includes the outgo of both concern and authorities on concern travel. This outgo mirrors that of personal ingestion ( transit, adjustment, repasts, amusement, etc. ) but is undertaken in the class of concern or authorities work. 2.3.3 Government Expenditures ( single ) This point includes authorities support of sections and bureaus which provide services and / or support to tourers or touristry administrations. Examples include the support of NTOs, runing in-migrations and imposts installations and the disposal of national park and militias, museum, etc. 2.3.4 Visitors Exports Visitors exports are outgos by international visitants on goods and services in a resident economic system. And, from an economy ( demand ) position, travel and touristry green goodss merchandises and services for visitant ingestion ( as discussed ) every bit good as merchandises and services for industry demand, including: 2.3.5 Government Expenditures ( corporate ) Government outgos by bureaus and sections associated with travel and touristry, but made on behalf of the community at big, such as air power disposal, security services, sanitation services, route, etc. 2.3.6 Capital Investment Capital investing by travel and touristry suppliers ( the private sector ) and authorities bureaus ( the populace sector ) to supply installations, equipment and substructure to visitants. 2.3.7 Exports ( non-visitor ) This which include consumer goods sent abroad for ultimate sale to visitants ( such as vesture, electronics or gasolene ) or capital goods sent abroad for usage by industry services suppliers ( such as aircraft or cruise ships ) . 2.4 Tourism Growth and National Economies Harmonizing to Andrian Bull ( 1991 ) , was said holding examined some of the microeconomics related to travel and touristry, and in peculiar the functions of tourers in demand and touristry administrations in supply. In many economic systems, the travel and touristry sector has for clip been recognised as a major country of activity which both draws upon the resources of those economic systems and affects their nature and development. Then he adds, authoritiess have progressively seen tantrum to utilize touristry as a topic or agent of macroeconomics policies. Tourism frequently has a high engagement in policies related to employment degrees or the balance of payments whose significance in modern macroeconomic direction is high. 2.4.1 The National Economy In the book The Economicss of Travel and Tourism, Adrian Bull ( 1991 ) was province that the size and value of a national economic system is usually expressed as the entire value of all goods and services produced by the economic system during a specified clip period such as on twelvemonth. For convenience it calls Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) . The two chief elements of GDP are goods and services produced for ingestion ( C ) , or usage in their ain right and those produced for fixed capital formation or investing ( I ) in capacity to bring forth farther goods and services. This simple definition GDP = C + I assumes that an economic system is closed to foreign trade. As this is an unrealistic premise for about all economic systems, should include the value of all exports ( X ) , but exclude that of all imports ( M ) of goods and services during the chosen clip period. The definition is so improved a small and reads GDP = C + I + X Meter, ( Adrian Bull, 1991 ) . Adrian Bull ( 1991 ) province more, travel and touristry is likely to calculate in all facets of GDP. First, most outgo by tourers would be regarded as ingestion disbursement ( C ) , if it is for domestic touristry or for the place provided elements of an international trip. Second, outgo by concerns on edifice, works equipment and so on to supply touristry services is portion of investing ( I ) , much of which is likely to be authorities outgo particularly on substructure. Third, a tourer who is passing money in a foreign state or going on transit services owned by other states is in a sense importing services. This outgo is a escape from the national economic system. Finally, he said, the rearward state of affairs provides an export when a state can sell its transit or touristry services to international tourers from elsewhere. 2.4.2 Factors Affecting Tourism s Contribution to GDP Variations in touristry s functions in and part to national economic systems in different states are caused by a figure of factors. Some of these are demand side factors ( that is the importance of touristry is partially determined by the strength of domestic and inward demand for local touristry ) , but the ability of a touristry sector to spread out within an economic system to fulfill these demands and make more depends more often on supply side factors. Tourism in this regard is no different from any other sector ( Adrian Bull, 1991 ) . The factors are: The Stock of Resources In traditional economic footings, these include the resources of land, labor, capital and endeavor. Travel and touristry make some particular calls on peculiar resources concerned with land and its properties and the singularity or simple ownership of these properties can finally order whether or non an economic system is likely to be able to back up a touristry sector. De Kadt ( 1979 ) was province, the function and activities of modern touristry nevertheless demand far more than merely land properties. Most touristry involves some component of service which requires a competent and willing labour force. Whilst many occupations in the industry may non necessitate a really high degree of traditional accomplishments or makings the presence or absence of a pool of labor with a positive attitude towards touristry and tourers is of critical importance. Equally, an economic system s willingness and ability to provide the capital investing required for a touristry industry, in the form of substructure, hotels ; transit and so on will act upon the size to which that industry can turn. The State of Technical Knowledge Many less developed states have regarded touristry as an easy industry to develop, because it demands comparatively low engineering compared with many other industries and accomplishments which can be easy mastered. Examples range from the ability to run fleets of big cost efficient aircraft with the associated engineering in reserves and rider handling, through to proficient invention in supplying more interesting all season attractive forces. When proficient progresss are applied to bing inputs of other resources, they enhance the productiveness of the industry concerned and hence its part to GDP. Certainly at that place will ever be a topographic point for low engineering touristry, peculiarly whilst there are market sections which intentionally seek out the simple or natural life ( current manners in ecotourism support this position ) , but dominant civilizations in touristry bring forthing countries will guarantee that returns within touristry sectors will go on to be high where supported by good proficient cognition and applications. Social and Political Stability Adrian Bull ( 1991 ) , was give his sentiment that, non-economic factors, peculiarly cultural and political 1s have long been recognised by economic experts as critical in finding the capableness and growing of sectors in an economic system. Since consuming tourers must travel to the factory to purchase the merchandise, societal and political conditions in that factory will straight act upon the acceptableness of the merchandise and hence the success of the industry. Social and political stableness has been cited as features of the touristry merchandise ( Van Raaji 1986, Woodside and Lysonski 1989 ) , which for many touristry sections straight influence demand. As societal and political conditions may be far more variable in a finish than say the stock of productive resources they are more likely to be responsible for short term fluctuations in the value of the touristry sector. Attitudes and Habits Adrian Bull ( 1991 ) agrees another major non-economic determiner is that of psychosocial values both of providers and devouring tourers. First, the attitudes of a host population towards tourer and in peculiar those of workers within the touristry sector are an of import aspect of the touristry merchandises and their influence is similar in nature to that of societal and political stableness. Second, they said on the demand side, touristry devouring wonts are of import. Burkart and Medlik ( 1981 ) were province two bring forthing markets with similar degrees of income may all things being equal have different leanings to go. This may be a map of cultural and traditional values, attitudes or the quality of clime and physical milieus at place. Investing Economies which possess a good stock of resources available for usage in touristry may hold a head start in developing the sector but the degree of investing or fixed capital formation which an economic system undertakes is progressively of import. Compared with heavy fabrication for illustration, touristry has non traditionally required such significant investing in works and equipment per dollar of end product yet some countries of the industry are going more demanding of fixed capital formation notably rider passenger car, adjustment and substructure ( Adrian Bull, 1991 ) . Adrian Bull attention deficit disorder more, some investing is required to replace worn out capacity such as replacing old aircraft or worn out hotel trappingss. However, an industry which is both to a great extent influenced by manner tendencies and hosts its clients in its factory , must necessarily put in new and expanded installations as portion of its competitory scheme. An economic system s ability and willingness to supply finance for such investing influences touristry s function in that economic system. 2.4.3 Problem in Measuring Tourism s Contribution to GDP In the book The Economicss of Travel and Tourism, Adrian Bull ( 1991 ) , gauging the value to any economic system of any sector is ever a slippery process. Estimating the value of a service sector is possibly even more hard than with goods, owing to the non-tangible nature of merchandises. Tourism is peculiarly hard because of the fuzzed definitions of services included in it. He said once more despite these troubles, most states still try to supply an estimation of the value of touristry for comparative and planning intents. This value will be a drumhead of private commercial minutess openly accounted for. However, it will be unequal to allow an accurate appraisal of the real value of the sector because it will be omit some positive and negative points the most of import of which are: Unpaid Services Unpaid services are those performed for no payment or a payment in sort or reciprocality. If no payment of any sort is made, one can reason that no economic activity has taken topographic point even though the service exists but an economic dealing surely exists for a mutual or barter payment. Non Accounted Services Non accounted services are those which take topographic point and for which payment is received normally in hard currency but are non accounted for usually. This may be to avoid revenue enhancement, rewards ordinances or for simple convenience the overall consequence is sometimes designated the black economic system. Non accounted services are really common in travel and touristry peculiarly in cordial reception, cab drive, and keepsake merchandising and so on where there is frequently much portion clip work, tips and 2nd occupations or moonlighting. Many research workers have attempted to gauge the size of the block economic system but by definition this is about impossible. Fanciful Costss Fanciful costs are those which relate in rule to activity A, but are accounted for within activity B. One illustration in touristry comes from 2nd place ownership. If a vacationist buys a 2nd place which appears merely as a one time and for all belongings purchase that place may be used by holidaies. Owners so pay no recurrent adjustments costs, but may be considered to be paying a notional rent to themselves equal to the commercial rental value of their belongingss. This is portion of the real value of touristry. Public and Private Revenue Distribution Public and private gross distribution concerns the differentiation between sourcing and utilizing grosss earned by the private sector in one country, but spent by the populace sector in another. For illustration, if a authorities levies a tourer revenue enhancement and uses this gross in outgo on agricultural support, it must be decided whether touristry includes the gross value cyberspace of revenue enhancement with the revenue enhancement being included under agribusiness. Otherwise there would be dual numeration. Balance of Payments Anomalies Balance of payments anomalousnesss in countries such as touristry investing repatriation of net incomes and foreign exchange values of touristry grosss expressed in drifting currencies, cause measuring jobs. Social Costss and Benefits Social costs and benefits are the differences between the value of private commercial minutess and their value to an economic system or society as a whole including 3rd parties. Travel and touristry brings benefits but imposes costs on 3rd parties in many ways in such a manner that the societal net merchandise of the sector may be rather different from the private net merchandise. It has been suggested ( Samuelson 1989 ) that this can be accounted for throughout an economic system by utilizing the Nordhaus Tobin step of Net Economic Welfare for an economic system instead than GDP. Social costs and public assistance ensuing from touristry are having increased attending from economic experts ( Clarke and Ng 1993 ) . Public Goods Public goods are in a sense portion and package of societal benefits. Governments are progressively cognizant of the value to society of for illustration, national park, outstanding scenery or heritage edifice for which no tourer entryway monetary value has hitherto been charged. The existent value of touristry might include the fanciful monetary values that users may be willing to pay multiplied by the figure of users. 2.5 Methods of Measurement Tourism analysts have identified four chief basic measuring methods ( Frechtling 1987a ) : Direct Observation of Outgo Ideally, to follow tourers everyplace and enter their outgo would supply an accurate record of a ingestion attack to GDP part. This is obviously impossible and would even be hard to carry through for a sample of tourers whose consequences could so be multiplied by entire tourer Numberss. The lone executable alternate prevarications in acquiring a sample of tourers to diarise their ain outgo. Direct Observation/Census of Receipts A direct income attack to rating consequences from aggregating all gross revenues grosss figures from touristry endeavor. This information may come from authorities trade ministry nose count returns or revenue enhancement returns instead than from direct point of sale observation. Analysts have noted that whilst touristry gross revenues values by travel concerns or bearers are moderately accurate values from amusement, diversion, lodging and similar concerns are less so merely because many providers can non separate to the full between gross revenues to tourers and gross revenues to non-tourists. Surveies of Tourists En path or in finish sample studies of tourers are used widely in touristry value analysis. They can be reasonably dependable except for callback prejudice, and unrealized purposes ( in a study carried out when a tourer stay in unfinished ) . For those go throughing through entry or issue points to a finish, gate methods are available that is entry or issue studies. These are popular for usage with international tourers at issue ports. Another job is that to multiply outgo by tourers Numberss is easy plenty for international tourers where in-migration record are held but house servants tourers Numberss are often no better than a guesstimate . Household Surveys It is possible to gauge touristry outgo at the bring forthing point by family studies in which general family outgo can be disaggregated and touristry disbursement isolated. Coupled with an analysis of concern travel disbursals from revenue enhancement returns these can supply a moderately dependable image of touristry coevals outgo. In pattern many analysts combine the above methods and may farther construct them into simulation theoretical accounts of assorted sorts. For illustration, a known dislocation of touristry and non-tourism disbursement in a travel sector can be applied to gauge the touristry constituent of outgo in a housing sector or one can multiply known procedure of tourer merchandises by estimated visitant figure. Most such theoretical accounts are an aggregate theoretical account that is ; they build up a entire value for travel and touristry from single sector or local country outgo. Bank Returns In some fortunes other methods of touristry value measuring are available. In economic systems whose foreign exchange controls are tight and where incoming international tourers must pass in the local currency ( presuming import and export of that currency is non permitted ) , the entire value of personal foreign currency exchanges reported by Bankss frequently provides an estimation of foreign tourers disbursement. 2.6 Forecasting the Value of Tourism Refer to Adrian Bull ( 1991 ) , in order to supply for policy and planning, many authoritiess and other establishments attempt to calculate facets of touristry activity. In the context of GDP, the most of import prognosiss are those of touristry demand ( in Numberss of tourers domestic, inbound and outbound ) and touristry outgo either in absolute footings or relation to the remainder of GDP. The variables are normally: Number of tourers Entire outgo or per capita outgo Tourism market portions The touristry sector portion of GDP 2.7 State of Kelantan Structure Plan Structure Plan is a papers that contains the physical planning policy and strategic recommendations with regard to the province of development and usage of land. It is provided by the Director of the State Planning so approved by the State Planning and must be agreed to by the State. State Structure Plan was gazette by NO.1 Vol 62 on January 1, 2009. It s called KELANTAN STRUCTURE PLAN 2020. Policies outlined State Structure Plan ; 2003-2020 will be the footing of the cardinal mention in the planning and development of the touristry sector Pasir Mas territory. Even the appropriate policies are translated into programs, plans and development undertakings in the study findings and farther detailed in the Draft Local Plan. Give the resulting policy is the policy of the province, so it will be adjusted harmonizing to the involvements and demands of touristry development in Pasir Mas territory graduated table. Two constituents, viz. policy specific policies and policy topics as follows: DSaˆ?PLl: Lima ( 5 ) zon pelancongan dengan niche produk masingaˆ?masing akan dibangunkan bagi memperkukuhkan lagi daya tarikan pelancongan negeri Kelantan secara keseluruhannya DSaˆ?PL2: Pembangunan empat hirarki nodusaˆ?nodus perkhidmatan pelancongan bagi mempertingkatkan kualiti dan kuantiti penyediaan kemudahan pelancongan, infrastruktur dan informasi. DSaˆ?PL3: Pemeliharaan alam semula jadi perlu diutamakan melalui pembangunan eko pelancongan dan geo pelancongan yang mampan, khususnya bagi kawasan sensitif alam sekitar agar kualiti persekitaran sedia adenosine deaminase tidak terjejas secara kritikal. DSaˆ?PL4: Memperbaiki dan mempertingkatkan taraf kemudahan sokongan pelancongan sedia adenosine deaminase bagi mencapai kualiti perkhidmatan dan produk yang bertaraf antarabangsa untuk menarik ketibaan pelancongan yang lebih ramai DSaˆ?PL5: Pemantauan dan pengawalan kualiti perkhidmatan dan produk pelancongan perlu dijalankan secara berkala dan berterusan untuk menghasilkan tahap keselesaan dan kepuasan pelancongan yang memuaskan di samping mewujudkan tarikan yang value for money . DSaˆ?PL6: Mempertingkatkan usaha pemasaran dan promosi yang disasarkan kepada dua segmen utama iaitu pelancongan antarabangsa dan domestik berdasarkan produkaˆ?produk pelancongan yang spesifik. DSaˆ?PL7: Menyelaraskan plan pembangunan, promosi dan pemasaran produk pelancongan bagi mewujudkan suatu plan kempen pemasaran yang menyeluruh, mantap, telus, konstan dan berdaya saing. DSaˆ?PL8: Mempertingkatkan tahap kesampaian parity pelawat ke kawasan tarikan dengan penyediaan sistem rangkaian pengangkutan yang lebih efektif, efisien dan selamat. DSaˆ?PL9: Memastikan agar pembangunan pelancongan akan memberikan pulangan ekonomi kfpada penduduk setempat di samping mengambil kira nilai sosial dan kebudayaan masyarakat tempatan. DSaˆ?PL10: Pembangunan industri hasil kraftangan tempatan perlu diintergrasikan untuk meningkatkan position kraftangan Kelantan, di samping memberikan pulangan ekonomi kepada penduduk setempat. DKaˆ?PL1: Membangunkan produk tinggal bersama keluarga di kampungaˆ?kampung terpilih sebagai perintis projek di dalam usaha untuk mempertlngkatkan taraf ekonomi penduduk tempatan. serta memperkenalkan kampung tersebut sebagai satu destinasi pelancongan utama. DKaˆ?PLl: Membangunkan produk geo pelancongan yang Akan menjadi suatu tarikan pelancongan alternatif yang unik bagi menarik pelancong antarabangsa dan tempatan pada Masa hadapan. 2.8 Local Plan 2.8.1 Rantau Panjang 2.8.2 Pengkalan Kubor 2.8.3 Bukit Bunga 2.9 Decision

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Dr. Von Gronberg strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Dr. Von Gronberg strategies - Essay Example As a move to step up the change process, he intensively used internal competition. Amongst corporate units of the company. Corporate headquarters were started which continued to define targets which served as a framework of expected pursuit. The new CEO should continue with this change process as one of his evolutionary strategies According to Porter 1980 a vertically integrated company can be at a competitive disadvantage because its component manufacturers this will make it lack flexibility because its capital investment in establishing methods forms a barrier in technological change. Kr. Van never ignored the idea of technology in his change process it has been said that to manage a business well is to manage its future, and to manage the future is to manage information. He realized that if your competitor has access to the same information as you, then the question becomes one of the speed and the skill with which you use the information. He knew that ht equality of information analysis and how to use technology to integrate the business around the customer was very critical to the future success of continental (Ohmae, 1982) In the early period of his chairmanship of the executive Board he called for the company to actively strive for the leading positions in technology which was to be on the basis of innovative capability of each individual employee in every department of the company. Though the tire areas innovative potential seemed exhausted he continues to count on further product and process innovations saying that the company was looking for access to fields of technology that were not occupied. Technology brings about competitive advantage a thing that favourably distinguishes a company or its products form those of a competition in the eyes of the customers. This can be enhanced with information technology such as reduced cost, better service through speed of response or information provision, or a feeling by customers that the manufacturer understands their needs and values them because of flexibility and responsiveness (schon, 1983) technology has helped the marketing manages in achieving the objective of getting close to customers and integrating the total marketing system. Hammer and Mangorian (1987) suggested an impact/value framework for understanding the way in which technology can create business opportunities. The potential impact of information technology is classified into three areas. Compression of time, overcoming the restrictions of geography and the restructuring relationships. Time compression takes place through clear communication links between organization units or between parts of the business process. IMPACT/VALUE FRAMEWORK Efficiency Effectiveness Innovation Time Accelerate business process Reduce information Float Create service excellence Geography Recapture scale Ensure global management control Penetrate new markets Relationships By pass intermediaries Replicate scarce knowledge Build umbilical cords. Marketing is concerned with satisfying customers needs by providing products and services which give benefits to the customers value